October 10 Meeting Recap
BOS Awards Contract
For Lawn Maintenance

The Board of Supervisors at its October 10 meeting awarded a contract for Lawn Maintenance.

By a unanimous vote, the BOS awarded the contract to Heaton Lawn Maintenance in the amount of $59,377.48. Heaton is the current provider.

The contract will go into effect immediately.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its worksession and meeting:

• Received a presentation on EMS staffing.

• Discussed a property maintenance issue on Union Branch Road.

• Received a demonstration of online payments for Utility bills.

• Issued a commendation to George Poulson upon his retirement as Director of General Services.

• Issued a proclamation declaring October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

• Unanimously appointed the County Administrator to the Riverside Regional Jail Authority.

• Received the monthly VDOT report.

• Unanimously approved appropriation of grants and budget transfers for $334,306 related to two SAFER grants.

• Received an update on the new radio system.

• Received a report on new virus scan software for computers.

• Unanimously approved changes in the Position Control Chart related to Fire & EMS.

• Unanimously appropriated $480,000 from the Department of Fire Programs Burn Building Grant.

• Discussed the VACo & County legislative agendas and unanimously approved Chairman Bill Robertson as the voting delegate for the VACo Annual Conference and Vice Chairman Donald Hunter as the alternate.

• Approved December 5 as the tentative date for the annual dinner meeting with State Legislators.

• Unanimously approved a shared utility agreement with the City of Petersburg for property located near Rives Road.