Park to offer zip lines, forest, obstacle course, hiking and fun

Who’s ready to zip across Prince George County?

Tree Time Adventures, located at Scott Memorial Park, will be opening soon ... possibly as early as this week.

While being interviewed by this reporter, owner and operator John Bogue drove his can-am side-by-side describing his Outdoor Adventure Park and Fitness Center.

Presently, the park includes a Medieval-themed outdoor area obstacle course as well as a quarter-mile and a half-mile hiking trail.

Initially, a couple of years ago, Bogue, of Sutherland, purchased 60 acres in Dinwiddie and proposed the idea to the county officials. The county was receptive to it, however due to traffic concerns the concept was turned down.

“Fortunately,” Bogue said, “two days later, the Prince George County Administrator Percy Ashcraft reached out to me ... and, here we are.”

According to Bogue, Ashcraft and Deputy Administrator Jeffrey Stoke both have been very outspoken from the beginning of wanting the outdoor adventure park for their community, and both were instrumental in getting the Board of Supervisors’ support.

“Both Ashcraft and Stoke were very enthusiastic about it in the beginning and still are very much so,” he said.

What inspired Bogue to follow this adventurous journey?

“I’m getting older; I want to live, and I want to live healthy,” said Bogue.

“Sometimes, I don’t feel like going to the gym. I think the longest miles I’ve ever done was on a treadmill. I like the idea of working out while having fun.

“At Tree Time Adventures, you get your exercise while having fun during the tree top experience so it seems a lot less like exercise,” Bogue said.

Will it be safe?

Bogue responded, “I don’t know how to better sell safety than to offer ... my children will play in this park so I’m not going to subject your family to anything I wouldn’t subject my own family to.”

According to Bogue, every guest on the two-to-three hour self-guided tour through the tree canopy will be equipped with top of the line safety gear and equipment including harnesses, pulleys, carabiners and helmets.

Guests will attend “Squire School” where they will be taken through a detailed 30-minute safety briefing where they learn how to use the equipment and navigate the course.

“Instructors are always close by and just a zip line away; they will be stationed nearby and patrolling the forest should guests have any questions, need some help or just need some tips on how to conquer an obstacle,” Bogue said.

The zip line course will be state-of-the-art unlike other parks.

“Our system is a “continuously hooked” system. Other parks have the ... hook one carabiner, then, the other one, however, that system leaves the possibility of participants not safely following the instructions provided to them,” explained Bogue.

“Our system is leagues ahead of everyone else with regards to safety. Once guests are attached to their lifeline, they can not be detached,” he said.

Tree Top Adventures also furthers guests safety by having 5 point harnesses instead of the standard 3 point harnesses offered at all other zip lining establishments.

“On rare occasions, individuals have fallen out of an inverted 3 point harness. That is why we opted to use 5 point harnesses.

“We are the first and only company in the world to use the 5 point harnesses that are European certified,” Bogue stated.

Bogue and his fiance Lesly Pike have five children aging from ages 9 to 16 who are thrilled about the park. Pike will serve as Tree Top Adventures vice president.

The oldest child, 16-year-old John-Nick Bogue will be employed as a park guide along with 19 other individuals presently on staff.

According to Bogue, he is still hiring.

Bogue, who is leasing 130 acres, stated with excitement in his voice, “There is a lot of room for future development with almost 6 million square feet of playground.”

What lies ahead?

Bogue plans to add miles of military-style ground obstacle courses, Spartan-style runs, additional hiking trails and much more.

Deputy County Administrator of Prince George County Jeffrey Stoke shared, “Prince George County is very excited for the opening of Tree Time Adventures in our community. This outdoor adventure park will make a positive impact for our citizens and visitors. We see this project as a wonderful blend of fitness, nature and pure fun.”

Visit or call 804-912-0050 for opening details, pricing, height, age and weight restrictions and more information. The park is located at 6680 Courthouse Road in Prince George behind the soccer fields and will be open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

By Kristi K. Higgins, Staff Writer
The Progress-Index
Kristi K. Higgins can be reached at or 804-722-5162.