Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Human Resources Wendy Joiner Human Resources Information System Specialist 804-722-8669
Human Resources Corrie Hurt Human Resources Analyst 804-722-8669
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Bruce Adams EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter 804-722-8614
Community Corrections Tracy Adams Office Associate II 804-733-2760
Social Services Tyris Akins Office Associate II 804-733-2650
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Chris Allin Fire Captain 804-722-8614
Sheriff/Courts Harold Allin Sheriff 804-733-2690
Social Services Calvin Alston Eligibility Intake Worker 804-733-2650
Utilities Deenie Anderson Office Manager 804-722-8706
General Properties Jeff Chance Building Maintenance Mechanic 804-722-0775
County Administration Percy Ashcraft County Administrator 804-722-8600
Parks and Recreation Williams Baird, Jr. Grounds Maintenance Worker 804-458-6164
Social Services Glory Banks Case Manager 804-733-2650
Commonwealth Attorney Mark Barnard Assistant Commonwealth Attorney 804-733-2790
Sheriff/Courts Edwin Betts Deputy Sheriff 804-733-2690
Community Corrections Lauren Bingham Probation Officer 804-733-2760
Geographic Info System Matthew Blaes GIS Coordinator 804-722-8635
Information Technology Logan Blystone Applications Specialist 804-722-8700
Social Services Shel Bolyard-Douglas Social Services Director 804-733-2650
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Jeremy Bottoms Fire Lieutenant 804-722-8614
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Justin Bulifant EMT/Intermediate/Firefighter 804-722-8614
General Properties John Callis, Jr. Senior Building Maintenance Mechanic 804-722-0775
Clerk of Circuit Court Jaclyn Campbell Office Associate I 804-733-2640
Animal Control Marion Carmichael Office Associate II 804-991-3200
Social Services Kendall Carraway Office Associate II 804-733-2650
Commonwealth Attorney Sarah Carson Administrative Associate 804-733-2790
Social Services Laura Chambliss Office Associate II 804-733-2650
Information Technology Kirsten Cherry Information Technology Director 804-722-8700
Registrar Ann Clark Deputy Registrar 804-722-8748
Social Services Vickie Clarke Case Manager 804-733-2650
Sheriff/Courts Christina Cobb Administrative Associate 804-733-2690
Police Department Misty Cobb Office Associate II 804-733-2773
Community Corrections Bettina Coghill Community Corrections Director 804-733-2760
Finance Christine Collins Payroll Supervisor 804-722-8710
Garage Clifford Collins, Jr. Mechanic 804-733-2799
Assessor Roderick Compton Real Estate Assessor 804-722-8629
County Attorney Carol Crawford Legal Assistant 804-722-8685
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Clifton Crawford EMT/Intermediate/Firefighter 804-722-8614
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt James Davis EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter 804-722-8614
Social Services Tina Dixon Eligibility Supervisor 804-733-2650
Finance Betsy Drewry Finance Director 804-722-8710
Commonwealth Attorney Timothy Dustan Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 804-733-2790
Parks and Recreation Robert Eley, III Athletic Coordinator 804-458-6164
Police Department Lynette Epps Office Associate I 804-733-2773
Community Development Brian Estep Senior Building Inspector 804-722-8659
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Kellie Estes EMT/Intermediate/Firefighter 804-722-8614
Social Services Michelle Ferguson Administrative Support Staff 804-733-2650
Commonwealth Attorney Susan Fierro Commonwealth's Attorney 804-733-2790
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Becka Franchok Revenue Recovery Program Mgr 804-722-8614
Fire, EMS & Emer Mgt Ashley Frazier EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter 804-722-8614
Treasurer Tammie Frazier Deputy Treasurer 804-722-8750
Social Services Zina Gaines Case Manager 804-733-2650
Utilities Thomas Gibbs Utility Supervisor 804-722-8706
Social Services LaTonya Gordon Case Manager 804-733-2650
Commonwealth Attorney Cecilie Hamilton Assistant Commonwealth Attorney 804-733-2790
Finance Jean Hargrave Accounting Clerk 804-722-8710
Community Development Charles Harrison, III Permit Technician I 804-722-8659
Social Services Pammy Harvin Eligibility Intake Worker 804-733-2650
Garage Timothy Horne Master Mechanic 804-733-2799
Utilities Laurie Hornsby Customer Service Agent II 804-722-8706
Social Services Nila Ingles Case Manager 804-733-2650
Economic Development Yoti Jabri Economic Development Specialist 804-722-8609
Clerk of Circuit Court Joyce Jackson Deputy Court Clerk II 804-733-2640
Social Services Michelle Jenkins Case Manager 804-733-2650
Social Services Brenda Johnson Eligibility Intake Worker 804-733-2650
Police Department Denise Johnson Public Safety Information Systems Specialist 804-733-2773
Social Services Danielle Jones Case Manager 804-733-2650
Registrar Sherri Jones Deputy Registrar 804-722-8748
Social Services Bertha Judge Administrative Manager 804-733-2650
Social Services Jay Keesee Eligibility Intake Worker 804-733-2650
Police Department Brian Kei Police Captain 804-733-2773
General Properties Carlton Kennedy Building and Grounds Maintenance Mechanic 804-722-0775
Commissioner of Revenue Mickey Kienzler Deputy Commissioner of Revenue 804-722-8740
Sheriff Keith King Sergeant 804-733-2690
County Administration Teresa Knott Executive Assistant 804-722-8600
Clerk of Circuit Court Bishop Knott Clerk of the Court 804-733-2640
Parks and Recreation Debra Lafland Special Activities Coordinator 804-458-6164
Assessor Joanne Levy Real Estate Technician 804-722-8629
Parks and Recreation John Logan Senior Grounds Maintenance Worker 804-458-6164
Assessor Cynthia Mabe Real Estate Appraiser I 804-722-8629
General Properties Valerie Mann Administrative Associate 804-722-0775
Community Development Walter Martin, Sr. Senior Building Inspector 804-722-8659
Information Technology Nicholas McKenny GIS Technician 804-722-8721
Assessor Tristan McMillan Real Estate Appraiser II 804-722-8629
County Attorney Steve Micas County Attorney 804-722-8685
Community Development Douglas Miles Planning Manager 804-722-8678
General Properties Michael Mitchell Building Maintenance Mechanic 804-722-0775
Utilities Richard Moore Senior Utility Worker 804-722-8706
Fire and EMS Brad Owens Fire and EMS Director 804-722-8614
Sheriff Mark Payne Chief Deputy Sheriff 804-733-2690
Police Department Tamie Perryman Administrative Associate 804-733-2773
Commonwealth Attorney Anita Pettaway Office Manager 804-733-2790
Community Corrections Vernon Phelps Probation Officer 804-733-2760
Community Development Mark Pond Senior Building Inspector 804-722-8659
Utilities Scott Redenius Utility Worker III 804-722-8706
Recreation Anne-Marie Saunders Office Associate II 804-458-6164
Social Services Sylvia Richards Eligibility Intake Worker 804-733-2650
Finance Cheryl Riggins Payroll Specialist 804-722-8710
Utilities Kim Riggs Customer Service Agent II 804-722-8706
Commonwealth Attorney Dana Rinker Office Associate I 804-733-2790
Finance Lori Robertson Accounting Supervisor 804-722-8710
General Services Robert Robinson Building Maintenance Mechanic 804-722-0775
Parks and Recreation Keith Rotzoll Parks and Recreation Director 804-458-6164
Sheriff Brian Rouse Deputy Sheriff 804-733-2690
Commissioner of Revenue Darlene Rowsey Commissioner of the Revenue 804-722-8740
Information Technology Chip Saunders Information Systems Engineer 804-722-8700
Fire and EMS Brenda Schraner Office Associate I 804-722-8614
Social Services Kim Shirer Eligibility Intake Worker 804-733-2650
Commissioner of Revenue Elnora Smith Deputy Commissioner of Revenue 804-722-8740
Clerk of Circuit Court Laura Smith Chief Deputy Court Clerk 804-733-2640
Social Services Theaster Smith Senior Case Manager 804-733-2650
Utilities John Stewart Senior Utility Worker 804-722-8706
Sheriff Kenny Stith Deputy Sheriff 804-733-2690
Economic Development Jeffrey Stoke Deputy County Administrator 804-722-8612
Finance Ashley Talmage Financial Reporting Accountant 804-722-8710
Treasurer Gloria Tereschenko Deputy Treasurer 804-722-8750
Economic Development Donna Traylor Office Associate II 804-722-8613
Community Corrections Lindsey Turner Pretrial Officer 804-733-2760
Community Corrections Rachel Turner Office Manager 804-733-2760
Registrar Katherine Tyler General Registrar 804-722-8748
Parks and Recreation James Underhill Assistant Athletic Coordinator 804-458-6164
Sheriff Roger Vargo Deputy Sheriff 804-733-2690
Treasurer Susan Vargo Treasurer 804-722-8750
Sheriff Robert Vaughan Deputy Sheriff 804-733-2690
Social Services Libby Vinsh Case Manager Supervisor 804-733-2650
Community Development Julie Walton Community Development Director 804-722-8659
Commissioner of Revenue Lindsay Lane Senior Deputy Commissioner of Revenue 804-722-8740
Social Services Wanda West Administrative Associate 804-733-2650
Information Technology Yaminah Williams Information Systems Business Process Analyst 804-722-8700
Police Department Eric Young Police Captain 804-733-2773
General Services Michael Purvis Director of General Services 804-722-0706
Utilities Mary Jones Customer Service Agent 804-722-8706
Clerk of Circuit Court Alexandria Davis
Commissioner of the Revenue Holly Dalkiewicz Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue 804-722-8730
Riverside Criminal Justice Agency LaVone Parhm Probation Officer 804-722-2760
Commissioner of the Revenue Melissa Stewart Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue 804-722-8730
Riverside Criminal Justice Agency Angel Walston Probation Officer 804-733-2760
Riverside Criminal Justice Agency Shannon Perkinson Probation Officer 804-733-2760
Treasurer's Office Kelsey Hulcher Deputy Treasurer 804-722-8750
Garage Michael Tucker Mechanic 804-733-2799