July 23, 2019

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Percy C. Ashcraft
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Prince George County Students Compete in ITAC Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Camp

Prince George, VA - Prince George County assisted in judging “Dream it. Do it.” Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Camp held by ITAC located in Chester, VA on July 20, 2019. The “Dream It. Do It.” Advanced Technology camp is a free camp for high schoolers interested in learning about advanced manufacturing technologies. The goal of the camp is to introduce today's high school students to manufacturing processes that include a variety of activities including tours of local manufacturers, hands on learning, and lectures from industry professionals.

The camp consisted of 25 rising 9th-11th graders from Charles City, Hopewell, Dinwiddie and Prince George schools.  A total of eleven Prince George County students participated in the camp.

On Competition Day, students were paired in four separate teams to participate in a competition for the chance to win a $500 scholarship. Parents, family members and friends joined to support the students at ITAC. Each team gave a marketing presentation and the 90-minute clock assembling competition took place. Student teams worked together, using the knowledge acquired over the past three days such as Computer Numeric Control (CNC) technology to assemble as many working clocks as they could during this time frame.

After the competition, the four guest judges met privately to evaluate the teams and discuss the winning criteria, as determined by a scoring rubric. The winning team of the 2019 Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Camp was the Red Team. The Green team earned swag bags by being the “best working well together” team to produce 10 clocks.

Each member of the Red Team will receive a $500 scholarship to the post-secondary provider of their choice.

Winning Team: Red Team


1.       Lander Arzoz (Prince George)

2.       Isaiah Barnwell (Prince George)

3.       Sasha Boddie (Richmond)

4.       De’Anna Greene (Dinwiddie)

5.       Christian Guerro (Prince George)

6.       Josh Murcia (Hopewell)

7.       Dylan Washabaugh (Chesterfield)


1.       Walt Sabisky (Gerdau)

2.       John Orgnon (Advansix)