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July 2019


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~Monthly Specials~

~Brain Health~

~Growing CBD Oil Selection~

~Rewards Program~


July Sales Flyer "Essential Oil Month"


Brain Health: Mind-Max


  • Supports brain function, memory and concentration
  • Mind-Max is a propriety blend of special ingredients designed to support cognitive function
  • Promotes optimal circulation to the brain

How It Works:

Mind-Max contains magnesium l-threonate plus gotu kola aerial parts, bacopa leaf and ginkgo leaf—herbs well-known to benefit circulation and brain health—for a powerful brain boost. Between the ages of 20 and 90, the average person loses 5–10% of his/her brain weight, with an accompanying loss in memory, attention and other cognitive functions. Research shows that a decreased number of nerve synapses (the connections between nerve cells) may be responsible for this cognitive decline. Magnesium plays an essential role in nerve synapses. However, magnesium shortages have become common with the increase in processed foods and the lack of magnesium-rich whole foods in the diet. Moreover, most forms of magnesium are not well-absorbed by nervous tissue. Researchers at MIT have discovered that magnesium l-threonate, a highly absorbable form of magnesium, can easily cross the blood–brain barrier and that it increases the brain’s magnesium level.


Magnesium l-threonate, gotu kola aerial parts, bacopa leaf extract and ginkgo leaf.

July Sale:

Be sure to check-out our July Sales Flyer (Above) - Save $10 per Bottle All Month Long!


CBD "Cannabidiol Oil" - FAQ


What is CBD? CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in the hemp plant. It is one of the many active ingredients in the plant.

Is CBD marijuana? No. Just like lemons and oranges are both citrus fruits, Hemp and Marijuana are both cannabis. All CBD oil sold at The Herb Basket is 100% Hemp-derived. While containing trace amounts of THC, our CBD oil cannot deliver a "High".

What can CBD help with? While we can't make medical claims relating to the supplement, CBD has been broadly used to support healthy inflammation and pain levels, and is also commonly used to support a healthy mood and healthy stress levels.

What should I look for in a CBD product? We prefer only hemp-based CBD oil that is "full-spectrum", meaning it contains all of the plant's naturally-occurring compounds, including the CBD extract.

Our two brands are "Barlean's" & "PlusCBD: - both highly respected supplement manufacturers that we trust to meet our nutritional needs.

Sprays, candies, drops, balms... what's right for me? Here at The Herb Basket, we always start with quality. So, as long as you are starting with a quality brand and product, choose the CBD option that fits your lifestyle the best.

What's the next step? Stop by the store and talk with Becky, Renee, Shawna, Abby or Joe about CBD Oil (or any of your other nutritional needs!) We would love to help!


Store-Wide Rewards Program


The Herb Basket's New Store-Wide rewards program is underway & has been a hit!

Earn Points For:

All Massages & Gift Certificates - 75 Points

All Ion Cleanses & Gift Certificates - 25 Points

All Consultations & Gift Certificates - 15 Points

All Products & Alkaline Water - 1 Point / $5 Spent

All Clearance Items - 1 Point / Item

Redeem Points For:

30 Points - One Bag of All-Natural Candy (Ginger, Licorice, Coffee, Lollipops)

40 Points - One Nubian Heritage Bar Soap (Choose Fragrance)

50 Points - One-Gallon Alkaline Water (New Bottle)

70 Points - One Nubian Heritage Hand Cream (Choose Fragrance)

95 Points - One Tei-Fu Oil (5ml)

115 Points - One Nature’s Sunshine B12 Liquid (2oz)

125 Points - One Ion Cleanse (Or Gift Certificate)

375 Points - One 60-Minute Massage (Or Gift Certificate)

500 Points - One 90-Minute Massage (Or Gift Certificate)

Remember, if you have been a part of our previous Ion Cleanse AND/OR Massage Loyalty Programs, the benefits DO carrier-over into the new program! Stop in the store to enroll today!

Points do not expire & there is no cost/fee to participate!

All information contained in this newsletter is intended for educational purposes only. This information, along with any other communication from The Herb Basket, Inc. or its employees is not intended to substitute for consultation with your own physician or licensed medical provider. Employees of The Herb Basket, Inc. are not medical doctors.

Information and statements regarding nutrition and dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

In the event of a medical emergency, always call 911 immediately.



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