VDOT Statement on Exit 45

Following a Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) safety review of the interchange at I-95 north and Crater Road (Exit 45), VDOT is making enhancements to the signage and the off-ramp for improved visibility and safety. 

The existing signage at the interchange met all federal requirements as directed by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The following adjustments have been made to enhance the operation and safety of the interchange:

- Enlarged stop signs at ramp end
- Chevron signs to alert motorists of the curve
- Advisory signage on Crater Road to indicate intersection ahead

The following additional enhancements will be in place this week:

- A sign on I-95 north with the exit number, route number shield, directional arrow, advisory speed and destination of Petersburg
- An oversized Ramp 25 mph sign
- A sign in the gore area with exit number, route number shield, advisory speed and directional arrow 


Safety is always VDOT’s first priority. Traffic engineering experts will continue to monitor and evaluate the safety and operations of the interchange during and after the implementation of these adjustments, and will make additional changes as needed.