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May 6, 2019


Dear Utility Customer:

On May 6, 2019, damage to the water system was discovered that was a result of the severe weather that occurred on May 5th. This damage included a tree that fell through the roof of the water storage building. The County is working quickly to replace the roof, sanitize the storage area and return the water system to proper operation.

This task can take up to several weeks to complete. Therefore, it is necessary to continue the water use restrictions that are currently being imposed on these neighborhoods to maintain the integrity of the system and assure adequate water for fire protection. While the repairs take place, you may experience lower pressures than normal. Notice will be provided to lift the water restrictions as soon as the repairs are complete.

The restrictions apply to all customers of the Beechwood Manor, Jordan on the James, and Eagle Preserve Water Systems. THE FOLLOWING WATER USE RESTRICTIONS WILL BE IN EFFECT IMMEDIATELY UNITL FURTHER NOTICE:

1) Prohibiting the sprinkling, watering or irrigation of new or established lawns,
2) Prohibiting washing of motor vehicles (including commercial vehicles) and the outdoor surfaces of all buildings and structures, sidewalks and driveways,
3) Prohibiting the filling or cleaning of swimming, wading pools, and decorative fountains.

Persons found violating any provision of the restrictions shall be fined, in accordance with County Ordinance, one hundred dollars ($100.00). In the case of a continuing violation, each day’s continuance thereof shall be deemed to be a separate and distinct offense with fines escalating in accordance with Prince George County ordinance.

We hope this information is helpful in understanding this project. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the field work, please contact Frank Haltom, Director of Engineering and Utilities, Prince George County at 804-722-8688 or fhaltom@princegeorgecountyva.gov. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation.

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