May 6, 2019

(Prince George, VA) – “Tip A Cop” Fundraiser Deemed a Success

Patrons who arrived at Nanny’s Barbeque this past Friday night were surprised when they discovered the restaurant was swarming with police officers and sheriff’s deputies.  Fortunately, no crime had been committed.    
The law enforcement officers were there to assist the Prince George County Local Special Olympic program and the Law Enforcement Torch Run by trading in their handcuffs and badges for menus and serving trays to help servers at the Nanny’s Barbeque Restaurant during dinner. Donations, in the form of tips, were accepted for this worthy cause. This year we were able to raise $4,025 for Special Olympics and the Law Enforcement Torch Run.
A special thanks to all those that made the Nanny’s Tip-A-Cop such a huge success this year, all to benefit the Virginia Special Olympics, and especially the Prince George Special Olympic Athletes.

Restaurant Information
Nanny’s Barbeque
11900 S. Crater Rd
Petersburg VA, 23805