April 23 Meeting Recap

BOS Holds a Public Hearing for the FY ’20 Budget

The Board of Supervisors at its April 23 meeting held a public hearing for the FY ’20 Budget.

The total proposed Budget is $122,573,723. It includes no increases in property taxes, water rates or sewer fees. It does include a salary adjustment for County employees.

The Budget also includes General Fund expenditures of $57,588,634. That includes a contribution to the Public School Division of $16,687,651.

In addition, $7,160,506 is included for debt service from the General Fund.

Other matters to come before the BOS at its worksession & meeting:

• Unanimously approved and presented a resolution of commendation to Anakin Keller on his attainment of Eagle Scout.

• Unanimously approved and presented a proclamation for National Tourism Week, May 5-11, 2019.

• Unanimously approved a commendation for the Prince George County Regional Heritage Center Ten Year Anniversary.

• Unanimously approved an appropriation of $29,779 in insurance recoveries for Police vehicle replacement.

• Unanimously approved a proclamation for National Volunteers Week; April 7-13, 2019.

• Received a report from Carol Bowman on the Regional Heritage Center.

• Received a quarterly financial report from Finance Director Betsy Drewry.

• Unanimously approved revisions to Prince George County Administrative Policy Sections 320.1 through 320.4 entitled Workplace Wellness.

• Unanimously approved revisions to the FY2018-2019 Position Control Chart.

• Unanimously approved health, dental and vision insurance renewals for FY2019-2020.

• Tabled revisions to the Prince George County Personnel Policy Sections 30.1 through 30.8 entitled Employee Grievance Procedures to the May 14 BOS Meeting.

• Unanimously approved acceptance of the dedication of a utility easement at Jefferson Pointe Apartments.

• Unanimously approved support for a VA ABC License application notice from Morelia Mexican Restaurant.

• Unanimously approved an appropriation in the amount of $269,429 of Riverside Regional Jail rainy day funds for distribution back to Riverside Regional Jail.