PETERSBURG, Va. -- Petersburg is in the midst of a city-wide pothole blitz.

"We did our assessment over the last few months and we decided which wards were the worst," says Tangela Innis Director of Public Works and Utilities. "So we started with Ward 5 and we went all the way down to Wards 1 and 3."

Petersburg plans to continue its pothole blitz throughout the month of March and will cover all 7 wards.

  • Ward 5: 3/4/19 - 3/8/19
  • Ward 6: 3/11/19 - 3/15/19
  • Ward 4: 3/18/19 - 3/22/19
  • Ward 7 & 2: 3/25/19 - 3/29/19
  • Ward 1&3: 4/1/19 - 4/5/19

"Citizens are more than welcome to report other pothole complaints," she said.

The Petersburg Department of Public Works and Utilities can be reached at 804-733-2415.  Officials ask that you = take a photo, make note of any street names and landmarks and submit your report.

Rainy weather has prevented Petersburg crews from responding to potholes as quickly as they would during drier conditions.

Last year 1,010 potholes were filled throughout the city.

As for right now,  the city is putting down a temporary solution to even out of the road way and to fill in the pot holes.

The city is planning for a more permanent solution when the weather warms up.

While the City of Richmond does not have a month-long pothole blitz planned, Richmond officials say they will continue repairing potholes as they are reported.

Drivers who wish to report Richmond potholes can do so on