FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                         February 13, 2019

Contact:        Douglas Mullins, Jr., Wise County Commissioner of the Revenue (276) 328-3556 or Thomas M. Blackwell, Essex County Commissioner of the Revenue (804) 443-4737

Virginia Commissioners of the Revenue Association Marks 100 Years

WISE, Va. – Douglas Mullins, Jr., President of the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia announces the celebration of the centennial year of the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia.  The year started with recognition of Constitutional Officers Week, January 21-25 and will culminate with the Association’s 100th annual conference in Colonial Williamsburg in September 2019. 

Local Commissioners are the chief tax assessing officers of their respective localities, their duties being to ascertain and assess, at fair market value, all real and personal property in the locality, issuing business licenses, levying bank franchise, transient occupancy, meals, utility, admissions, and cigarette taxes, as well as providing state income tax filing assistance.  Commissioners of the the Revenue number 127 in the Commonwealth and have been elected by voters in their counties or cities since changes introduced to the Constitution of Virginia in 1870. 

The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia was formed out of the desire of Commissioners from around the state to associate for the purpose of understanding and solving problems faced in the assessment of taxes and the administration of revenue laws.  The Association partners with various departments and agencies of state government that have a direct relationship with Commissioners’ offices.  Organized into six geographical districts, and through committees within the Association, members work to better their knowledge and to study tax issues in order to make constructive recommendations for changes in tax law to benefit taxpayers and localities.  The Association’s mission statement demonstrates the organization’s focus on education:

To demonstrate expertise and promote professionalism through the education of our membership, thereby ensuring the highest quality of services to our constituencies and stakeholders and the development of strategic relationships to further our organizational goals.”

The Association holds a conference in a different region of the Commonwealth annually for the purpose of education, discussion of significant issues, and election of officers.  District meetings and educational courses are also held regionally throughout the year for the purpose of disseminating information on current issues and discussing topics applicable to Commissioners’ offices.

Association President Mullins encourages citizens to familiarize themselves with their local elected Commissioner of the the Revenue stating, “We are directly accountable to you and are here to assist with any local tax issue that you may encounter.”  For further information concerning the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia, please visit

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