Tanner Drewry, a 10th grade student at Prince George High School in the International Baccalaureate program (honors), is required to do a community service project called the Personal Project.  It is a year-long project testing the things learned since starting the program in the 6th grade.  

Tanner’s project was coordinating and participating in raising 500 pounds of deer meat to donate to Hunters for the Hungry.  With the help of eight hunt clubs in the Sussex / Southampton area, he quickly met and exceeded his goal.

He estimated it would take around 13 deer to meet the goal.  In two weeks’ time, with much assistance, 20 deer were contributed, and an estimated 800 pounds of meat was raised.  He was permitted to use a cold storage box at B & B Hunt Club to store the donated deer. 

The deer was transported to Burks’ Farm in Providence Forge, Virginia, who processes deer at a discounted rate for Hunters for the Hungry. After the meat was processed, Tanner delivered 500 pounds of processed and packaged meat to the Hopewell Food Pantry to be distributed to people in need.  He helped Mr. Richard Commander, Chairman for the Hopewell Food Pantry; pack the processed meat into their freezers for distribution throughout the coming months. An estimated 2,000 servings of meat for the hungry will be provided.

Richard Hart Gillette, member of the Virginia Hound Heritage, invited Tanner to tell his story at a dinner they held on Saturday February 2, 2019.  This non-profit organization routinely makes donations of cash, equipment and meat to Hunters for the Hungry.

While attending the dinner, Tanner had the opportunity to meet Bob Duncan, Director of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.  He has invited Tanner to speak about his project to the Virginia General Assembly’s Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus on Thursday February 14 .

What started out as just a school project turned into something much bigger for Tanner.  This was an experience he will never forget, and will hopefully turn into a lifelong mission to donate and serve those less fortunate.  Successful completion of his project would not have been possible without much assistance from his hunt club and other area hunt clubs.