The Thanksgiving travel rush is approaching, and luckily, there are no major storms aimed at Virginia in the week ahead.

Here's a day-by-day breakdown of what we'll see on the nation's weather map, and where you could encounter wet roads or wintry airports.

Friday, Nov. 16 

The winter storm that brought ice and snow to parts of Virginia on Thursday will continue working through the Northeastern states.

Morning rain will give way to a drier afternoon and evening for the Interstate 95 corridor between Washington and Boston, while the heaviest snow retreats into New England.

Some snow showers will linger across Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and New York.

Expect dry weather in Virginia and throughout the southern two-thirds of the country.

Saturday, Nov. 17

Another snow-maker will swoop across the Northern Plains and into the Great Lakes, bringing light accumulations to cities like Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.

The big cities of the Northeast will be dry and chilly, but light snow showers will be possible through the northern Appalachians.

This will be another tranquil day across the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest and West Coast.

Sunday, Nov. 18

Good travel weather continues for Virginia and much of the Southeast, but a mix of rain and snow will make more progress into the Ohio Valley along with a cold front.

Farther south, it will bring a chance of light rain from Texas to Kentucky.

Another round of snow is possible for the interior of the Northeast, but the major metro areas should escape any significant accumulations.

Monday, Nov. 19

Showers are possible across the southern Appalachians from Virginia to Georgia and also right along the coast from North Carolina to Florida, but it will generally be light.

Snow showers will blow downwind from the Great Lakes into parts of New York and Pennsylvania. 

Rain is again possible for Texas, but the Plains, Rockies and West Coast will stay dry.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

This ought to be a dry day for Virginia and much of the nation, with a few exceptions.

Rain could get heavier for the Houston area and also in southern Florida.

Lake-effect snow will continue in the typical areas from Michigan to New York.

A new system could start to spread rain into the Pacific Northwest, but its timing could be delayed into Wednesday. 

Wednesday, Nov. 21

This looks like a continuation of Tuesday's weather, except rain could spread northward into Dallas-Fort Worth area and southward across parts of California.

Some rain or snow showers can't be ruled out for the higher elevations of Virginia and West Virginia.

Temperatures in the Northeast will be sharply colder and could reach record cold levels toward New England.

Thursday, Nov. 22

The regions most likely to deal with rain on Thanksgiving are the Gulf Coast states, Deep South and West Coast.

Snow showers are possible for parts of the Northeast and Great Lakes states, but it doesn't look like a large or organized system will be coming through on the holiday.

Friday, Nov. 23 to Sunday, Nov. 25

The forecast becomes more uncertain at this range, but there are some signs that the weather could become wetter for the central and eastern U.S.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Northeast is the region most likely to deal with below-normal temperatures during that weekend.

Above-normal temperatures are favored for the far southern tier of the country, but it's also favored to be wetter than usual.

Look for updates to this story in the coming days once the picture becomes clearer for that weekend after Thanksgiving.