VDOT's Local Assistance Division (LAD) and the Northern Virginia District Local Projects Section are pleased to announce that the final version of LAP-MAP is now in production and available on the LAD LAP Manual website. The Northern Virginia  District staff that work closely with localities administering projects saw an opportunity to help localities navigate the project development and delivery process using the LAP Manual and developed this new tool.

The LAP-MAP is a comprehensive, flowchart-based navigational tool that guides users through the locally administered project development and delivery processes. The one-page project scenario flowcharts provide a basic overview of activities required for a specific project type selected, and is intended to provide the user with quick access to information for a particular topic area.   

LAP-MAP consists of two sections:  A project "selector" tool which asks five basic project characteristic questions, conveniently listed in drop-down menus. Based on the users input, the tool will automatically take the user to the applicable project development and delivery process flowchart for nine different scenarios.  The flowchart provides a detailed outline of the necessary steps required for the respective project development and delivery process according to the input provided in the selector tool.   The LAP-MAP flowchart shows each step and includes hyperlinks to the appropriate page or form in the LAP Manual.  In addition, LAP-MAP employs user friendly graphics, hints and reminders to the project manager and also aligns with  VDOT’s Project Web Access (PWA) schedule activities.  LAP-MAP promises to be a useful tool for both the novice and experienced project manager to assist in project development, delivery, close out and audit.  

LAP-MAP is NOT to be used  as a substitute to the actual Locally Administered Projects (LAP) Manual, but is intended to provide the user a quick resource in locating specific project information, requirements and guidance.

Please note that not all of the possible projects combinations are mapped. Nine scenarios are available that represent the most commonly used. Users may be able to make use of the flowchart most similar with the knowledge that there are differences that need to be accounted for. More information about accessing this tool is available on the above webpage link.

We want to thank the Local Projects section at the Northern Virginia District (particularly Bud Siegel and Amir Salahshoor) for their efforts and time developing and finalizing LAP-MAP and Kurt Kuppert on our staff for his coordination and review during the development process. We also wish to thank all of the stakeholders that participated in testing and providing feedback to make this a very useful and comprehensive tool.

Julie R. Brown
Director, Local Assistance Division
Virginia Department of Transportation
804-786-7314       Cell (804) 840-4391