The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services will begin accepting applications Nov. 1 from residents who are newly eligible for Medicaid, Gov. Ralph Northam announced Thursday.

“It was a long time coming, but I’m glad it’s here,” Northam said at an announcement event, held at the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority. 

Under Medicaid expansion, an additional 400,000 adults are expected to be eligible for coverage. Single adults making up to $16,754 a year or a family of three making up to $28,677 now qualify for Medicaid. Children are already eligible for insurance coverage at higher incomes. 

The State is still in the process of applying for a waiver from the federal government that would allow the expanded Medicaid coverage to be contingent on work and community engagement requirements and paying a monthly premium, with some exceptions. 

The waiver would also include provisions for substance abuse services, coverage of young adults who aged out of foster care in another state, and a new housing and employment supports benefit.

To learn more about Medicaid eligibility and how to apply, visit
      (804) 649-6601

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