Dinwiddie, Prince George, Chesterfield Schools obtain recognition

DINWIDDIE — On June 27, Governor Ralph Northam and the state Board of Education announced the 2018 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) Awards for advanced learning and achievement. The VIP program recognizes schools and divisions that exceed state and federal accountability standards and achieve excellence goals established by the Governor and Board of Education.

The 2018 VIP awards are based on student achievement and other performance indicators during the 2016-2017 school year. Sunnyside Elementary School earned the 2018 Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award. This award was earned by 15 divisions and 202 schools that met all state and federal benchmarks and made progress toward the goals of the Governor and Board of Education.

“The criteria for these awards provide short-term and long-term goals for principals, superintendents, and communities as they develop the improvement plans all schools must have under the Board of Education’s new accreditation standards,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction James F. Lane.

Other schools in the area that received the honor include South Elementary and William A. Walton Elementary in Prince George. Enon Elementary in Chester, Winterpock Elementary in Chesterfield, and Woolridge Elementary in Chesterfield all won the Board of Education Excellence Award, the second-highest honor in the VIP program behind the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence.

More information about the VIP incentive program for schools and school divisions is available on the Virginia Department of Education website.