Calling the killing one of the most heinous he has ever seen, a judge on Thursday sentenced a Hopewell man to life in prison for opening fire inside a busy Wendy's restaurant in Prince George County and killing a young Richmond man.

After an hour-long sentencing hearing in Prince George Circuit Court, Judge W. Allan Sharrett sentenced Jules R. Moultrie III, 26, to life in prison for first-degree murder and eight additional years for two firearm counts in the Labor Day slaying of 20-year-old Coron Bond, who was sitting at a table looking at his cellphone when he was shot.

The unprovoked shooting stemmed from an unresolved dispute between the defendant's sister and the victim's girlfriend - both of whom worked at the Wendy's.


harrett agreed with Commonwealth's Attorney Susan Fierro that the case warranted an upward departure from state sentencing guidelines. The guidelines called for a punishment of 40 years and 11 months at the low end, and 68 years and three months at the high end.

In remarks from the bench, the judge said that the shooting was "an unprovoked attack on a passive unarmed person. The victim was seated down and had done nothing -- nothing at all."

Sharrett asked the defendant before sentencing him if he had anything to say on his behalf, and the defendant said, "No, sir." His attorney, Matthew Stewart, said he will appeal the convictions.

Sharrett found Moultrie guilty of all three counts after an all-day trial in April.

Bond was minding his own business and was not involved in the dispute between the two women when Moultrie entered the restaurant inside the Pilot Travel Center gas station on County Drive and opened fire about 4 p.m. The restaurant was filled with customers and employees when Moultrie, wearing a black jacket with a hood drawn tightly around his face, fired two shots in quick succession before running out the door.

Moments before Moultrie pulled the trigger, his sister, Norma Glover, motioned toward Bond and said, "That's him. That's him there," after she and Moultrie walked through the front door, according to trial testimony.

Moultrie then said to Bond, "You've got a problem with my sister? You've got a problem with my sister?" the victim's girlfriend, Mykeyah Oliver, testified in April.

When he was shot, Bond was waiting at the restaurant for a friend to pick him up for a trip they planned together to North Carolina. The friend, Wyshawn Winn, testified in April that Bond was worried about his girlfriend because of her earlier dispute with Glover, and he decided to stay at the restaurant to make sure there was no further trouble.

As a felon, Moultrie was prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm. He was convicted in Petersburg in 2014 of voluntary manslaughter for fatally shooting Glover's father.

Glover also was tried in April for Bond's murder, but the judge took her case under advisement until Sept. 6. He ordered a trial transcript to be prepared and directed the prosecution and defense to file legal briefs on their respective positions.

The fatal shooting stemmed from a dispute between Glover and Oliver, and a detective testified at trial that Glover said in a police interview that she had planned to walk into the restaurant and quit moments before the shooting.

After initially denying that she could identify the shooter, Glover told Detective Christina Noblin that it was her brother - Moultrie - who had pushed past her in the parking lot outside the restaurant before entering and shooting the victim. The detective testified that Glover also noted that Moultrie "was crazy" and had fatally shot her father several years earlier.

Only one witness, Joshua Nunnally, could positively identify Moultrie by his face. Nunnally testified in April that he saw Moultrie through a drive-through window approach the restaurant and come to the door. After hearing two gunshots, Nunally said he observed Moultrie run out the door and walk briskly toward a vehicle and drive off.

During the trial, prosecutors played recorded video from a web camera set up by a resident in the 5000 block of Greensville Avenue in Petersburg. The resident lived next door to where some of Moultrie's family members lived and where Moultrie and Glover ended up shortly after the shooting.

In one of the videos, Glover can be heard saying "yes" when Moultrie's younger sister, a juvenile, asks Glover if "he killed him." Moultrie's younger sister then can be heard saying, "Why ... did he do that? Doesn't he know he's on camera?" - apparently referring to a surveillance camera at Wendy's.

Moultrie offered two different alibis to police about his whereabouts at the time of the shooting. In one account, Moultrie said he was with a close friend all day at the friend's Petersburg apartment. In the other, he claimed he was staying with his girlfriend at her Prince George apartment, where he eventually was arrested.

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