Electoral Board
(reorganized February 7, 2017) as required by law 

The Electoral Board consists of three members appointed by the Circuit Court Judge for three-year appointments. The current Electoral Board Members are:

Sharon E. Goertz, Chairman
6001 Bobs Way
Prince George, VA 23875
Phone: 804-943-9584

Lillian K. Boyd, Vice-Chairman
12407 Moody Road
North Prince George, VA 23875
Phone: 804-458-3764

Barbara S. Tabb, Secretary
10457 Jordan Parkway
North Prince George, VA 23875
Phone: 804-931-0844

For minutes to the Electoral Board Meetings, click here

Staff Members 

Clark, Ann A. Deputy Registrar Registrar (804)722-8748 email_table
Jones, Sherri Deputy Registrar Registrar (804)722-8748 email_table
Tyler, Katherine B. Registrar Registrar (804)722-8748 email_table